Commercial Property Inspections in Omaha, NE

Before buying, selling, or leasing a commercial property, have Home Buyers Protection Company inspect the building! We can provide you with a report on the condition of the building to help save you time and money in repairs long after you’ve moved in or out of the space.

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Areas of Inspection

Each commercial property we inspect has different areas of inspection required. Depending on the building’s age, occupancy, and the type of construction, inspection needs will vary. Our clients’ needs dictate the degree of inspection, whether that includes examining just the foundation or roof, or if a more comprehensive inspection of the building needs to be done, which will include checking the following:


Exterior Walls




Air Conditioning


Interior Finishes




Commercial Property Inspection Reports

As the commercial property inspections performed by Home Buyers Protection Company differ from those offered for home inspections in Omaha and the surrounding areas, we offer clients with two reports depending on what was requested. If a “bottom line” inspection was all that was needed, we provide a report that describes the condition of the building and its major operating systems. In other cases, we will provide a more detailed report that covers the specific areas of inspection.

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Do you need a commercial property inspection performed ahead of buying, selling, or leasing a building? Give us a call at (402) 334-7926 or send us a quick message to set up an appointment for inspection today! Our team is ready to help.

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